Companies of real estate investment in Puglia

The investment that makes the difference.

It’s 2013. We are In Puglia.

We are a company with a new business and we offer a new opportunity of investment with a content risk compared to the traditional long term solution.

The project was created from the desire to grow and develop, also in real estate, the skills acquired in the tourism sector by partner company Barbarhouse ltd, and also arises from the need to respond to a spontaneous market demand advanced by tourists, which, given the reputation of the partner companies, have expressed interest in investing in the Puglia tourist real estate sector.

The company’s goal is to establish a set of properties to be enhanced, with the tour management, restoration and adaptation of the structures to the quality standards established for tourist facilities.

We want to achieve the pursuit of an adequate financial return in order to create value for shareholders and promote company’s growth.

In Puglia is the first company to wire the tourist management with management services.

In Puglia Ltd is the first company in the region that focuses its investments activities in real estate assets to be exploited for tourism by opening equity participation also to new members. Factors that could discourage new competitors are:

  • the high capital requirement: the ownership of a portfolio of properties or the use of management formula “empty for full” involving the availability of significant capital, a factor which represents a deterrent to the entry of small companies.
  • the differentiation: the buildings selected by In Puglia represent investments “unique”, so the luxury customer is willing to pay a premium price just to enjoy that property.

Thanks to the cooperation with partner companies, in Puglia srl also enjoys additional competitive advantages which may discourage new entrants:

  • economies experience: linked to professional know-how of the In Puglia and partner companies partners, help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of individual assets;
  • economies of scale: they are benefits to reduce unit costs associated with the activity of search and selection of assets.
  • access to commercial channels: the partner companies have an extensive luxury loyal customer base over time.

So far, there are no operational territorially companies with the same mission and vision oriented to the prudent management of the assets.