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The investment that makes the difference

Opportunities and market size

In 2015, the observation of the BIT attributed to Italy the recognition of a tourists destination for luxury travel. In Salento there has been an increase in real estate sales.


In Puglia ltd is the first company in the region that focuses its investment activities in real estate assets to be exploited for tourism by opening equity participation also to new members.

Strong partnership

There're signed business agreements with companies operating in the tourism sector with predominant location of activities in the region of Puglia.


    -Participate to an innovative business venture in real estate.
    -Achieve a lasting performance over time, with the revenues even in the short term by investing in a market segment characterized by a growing performance trend (luxury tourism in Italy).
    -For the contributor in kind, securitised real estate properties conferred by reducing the potential risk of devaluation in time (due to maintenance) and favoring the increase of its value through the new use of the property.


    -Goals of redevelopment and urban regeneration.
    -Contribute to the protection of the landscape.
    -Promote the economic development of the territory.
    -Change a cost item (property and building maintenance) into an investment item that generates wealth (for local and territorial entities).
    -Attract capitalists to invest in the tourist real estate market of Puglia.
    -Improve the historical and architectural heritage of the territory.
    -International promotion of Puglia brand and growth of visibility of the entire region.

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Our Mission is to create value for investors through the tourists development of properties.

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The value of the property of "high quality".

The high-quality assets have historical characteristics, distinctive architectural features, exclusive localization and high heritage value.

The investments will be directed towards the following cluster of buildings:

  • Iconic buildings
  • Luxury villas
  • Villas and penthouses
  • Holiday apartments and houses