The partnership

Our experience, your profit

To achieve a long operational life, the company bases its activities on a solid network of relationships with companies operating in the tourism market in Puglia. The development of entrepreneurial project started by the consolidation of partnerships with solid and operating companies in complementary sectors. Alliances allow the separation of the real property from the tourism management, on a model already successfully adopted in other countries. Business agreements were signed with Barbarhouse Srl, both operating companies in the tourism sector, with predominant location of activities in the region of Puglia and an internationally significant market. Collaborations initiated in 2014-2015 biennium have led to positive economic and income results, quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Here the profiles of the partner company, stating that some members of the In Puglia are also shareholders in Barbarhouse Ltd.


Head office

Piazza San Pietro, 4
CAP 73042 Casarano (LE)
Cf/P.Iva 0420580751
Share capital: € 50.000,00 (paid)

Recognized as one of the most important player in the intermediation of the tourism market in Puglia, in relation to the segment of leasing of luxury properties and resorts to high standing.

The company consists of two brands:

Perle di Puglia

Registered trademark dedicated to the luxury segment that’s characterized by the offer of a selection of villas and houses, with a refined and elegant design, for a target that want an exclusive holiday. For further information visit the website:


Salento Case Vacanze

Brand aimed at tourist’s satisfaction that creates serenity and comfort, thanks to a careful selection of villas, holiday homes, apartments, residences and bed & breakfast usually small to medium in size. For further informations visit the website: