The project

The core business of the project consists of the creation of high-level accommodation and / or the development of real estate realized through the management of tourism, which is supported by the maintenance and improvement of the facilities to assign these activities.

The investment strategy has as its goal the pursuit, in the medium – long term, of stable and sustainable returns in the face of a moderate risk of transactions.

The business formula and the related investment process is summarized in the following model:

  • Attraction of new capital
  • Real estate investments with low risk
  • Asset management
  • Performance resulting from tourism management

In Puglia srl differentiates its investments by choosing to focus on the development of properties in the tourism sector, taken benefit from the growing trend in the industry (in Puglia and Italy). This choice is supported by comparative assessments that detects how this investment is cost-effective in terms of returns, when compared to other types of investments.

Since its formation in Puglia srl It was involved in evaluating the opportunities of the project using a constant confrontation with the operating business professionals in banking, real estate and finance.

How to become a member

The company offers members the opportunity to participate in the business project through the purchase by other shareholders or the subscription of new shares by means of 31/12/2019:

  • Capital injection
  • Contribution “in kind” (Transferring the right of ownership or other real rights of the property)The minimum allowable contribution amounts to EUR 25,000.00 with related legal fees paid by the company.Concerning the contributions “ in kind”, the cost of transfer will be charged to the transferor.Fill in your details, you will immediately receive the business plan.


Investment requirements and selection of buildings.

The management of In Puglia will define the composition of the portfolio of real estate assets according to specific criteria:

  • tourist attraction: the buildings that have a more attractive potential will be selected, with priority given to already full functional properties and aimed at a luxury tourism target, possibly to be improved with targeted redevelopment and modernization actions. The appeal will be evaluated based on the location, with priority given to properties in beach resorts, the functionality, with reference to the endowment of additional facilities (swimming pool, spa area, the property size and number of beds) and the historical value and aesthetic of the property, featuring an interior design of luxury / charm.
  • cost effectiveness for a period of long-term: the entrepreneurial projects of tourist development will be long-term and selected based on the expected return above the purchase cost or contribution value.
  • size of investments: for careful monitoring of the risk, investments will be made by providing the maximum exposure limits.